The 6th Hangeul Creative industries and ideas award contest in 2020 Su…

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Greetings from the 6th Hangeul Creative industries and ideas Award committee.


If you wish to participate in this contest, please download the attached submission form.

Please submit the file via e-mail ( from July 13(Mon) to August 3(Mon).


※ Attached file list

1) written pledge for participation, and letter of consent on providing personal information (common)

*In case of group applicant, all the members must fill out each form

2) Goods fabrication plan (ideas and finished products Choice1)



※ Inquiries regarding submission (*Can answer in Korean and English)


- E-mail:

- Phone number: (+82)-2-2077-2958 (Domestic), (+82)-2-2077-2959 (overseas)


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