• Qualifications for Participation

    Any entities interested in the development of products with Hangeul materials (individuals, teams, and corporations)

    Format of Public Invitation

    No Limit


    · Cultural goods : living props(tableware, keyring and fan), stationeries(notebook, pocket book, pen/pencil, postcard and bookmark), handicrafts(accessory, ceramic ware and wooden handicraft), and fashion accessories(necktie and handbag)

    · Learning contents : Learning books, picture books, board games, and teaching tools and materials

    · Digital contents : Online game and educational applications (apps) for foreigners or children

    · Others : Various products and ideas other than those in the classifications listed above


    Phone : +82-2-2077-2959 (overseas)

    E-mail : qna@cfnmk.or.kr

    Instagram : hangeulaward

  • Theme of Public Invitation

    Cultural Goods (Contents) and Ideas derived from Hangeul


    · Products ideal of souvenirs for friends and family members visiting the National Hangeul Museum

    · Products ideal of gifts for foreigners visiting Korea for businesses

    · Teaching tools and materials or digital learning contents that facilitate children in the world of friendliness with Hangeul

    Invitation Schedule

    Submission period for primary screening : Jul. 13, 2020 (Mon.) - Aug. 3, 2020 (Mon.), 16:00

    Announcement of prize-winning works : End of Sep. 2020 (planned)

    Prize-awarding ceremony : Early Oct. 2020 (planned)

    Categories for Public Invitation

    Finished products

    - Products(or Contents) fabricated with materials of Hangeul


    - Ideas for producing creative products(or contents) with materials of Hangeul

Submission Methods and Documents

Classification Specifics



· Download and fill in the submission form, and then submit the documents in a zip file

· Name the file as 'Public Invitation Category-Work Title' Examples: Finished product category-Giyeok.ZIP,
Idea category-Hangeul Sarang.ZIP

· Submit the file via e-mail address(hangeul@cfnmk.or.kr)

※ Submitting documents may be delayed on the due date because of congestive number of applicants. Please submit
the documents well before the due date.

※ Documents submitted in person or by post will not be accepted.


· Goods fabrication plan, written pledge for participation, and letter of consent on providing personal information

- Prepare documents in accordance with the preparing methods specified on the form of the goods fabrication plan,
and then submit them

- In case of applying jointly fabricated articles, prepare all participants' written pledges for participation and letters of
consent on use of providing personal information

(One for each applicant; Submitting a PDF file after signing on it)

and videos)


· The successful candidates of the primary screening will be notified individually of the specifics of the
secondary screening.


· (Finished product category) Submitting in person or by delivery service

- Submission is recognized as of the time of submission of articles by the foundation.

- Even if the accepted articles are damaged during delivery service, no additional submission is allowed after the
due date. Candidate works that are seriously damaged may be excluded from screening.

- Submission method to be informed separately for digital works that are hard to submit in the actual object

· (Idea category) Submit the file via e-mail address (hangeul@cfnmk.or.kr)

Documents and articles to submit

· (Common) Indemnity reports, confirmation letter of rights relationship of candidates
(in case of multiple copyright owners)

- Indemnity report: Prepared by submitting individual(individual) or representative(team or corporation)

- Confirmation letter of rights relationship of candidates(submitting a PDF file after signing on it)

· (Finished product category) Receipt of submission, finished work (including the prototype)

· (Idea category) Briefing video of a submitted idea (max of 2 minutes), high-resolution images of the article (2 sheets)

- The high-resolution images of the article will be utilized for determining the awards and for the promotion activities
of the awarded articles

- Submit the document in a zip file format with "Participating Category-Work Name-Submitter(representative)"
as a filename.

- When the length of the briefing video exceeds 2 minutes, contents after the 2-minute running will be deleted.

- The video should not show information on the submitter such as a name, post, and company logo
(scenes showing such information will be deleted)

- Video in avi, mp4, or wmv format with a file size of 500MB or less should be submitted.

- When producing video in languages other than Korean, the scripts should also be submitted.

  • Works for entry

    - Submitting one copy of the plan for each work for entry (including work in the set configuration)

    - Number of works for entry : One in each category

    - Entering works in packages is allowed, in which case package goods are considered a single entry.

    Example: A set of bracelet and earrings of 'the Korean alphabet giyeok', a consonant stamp set, and a Hangeul learning note book
    (Korean alphabets ga to ha)


    · The number of works for entry is determined by individual, and an individual is allowed to enter a single work in categories of individual, team,
    and corporation.

    · When an individual enters his/her works in both individual and team(corporation) categories, only works entered in the team(corporate) category will be subject to screening(the work submitted by the individual will be excluded from screening). When an individual enters two or more works, only the work
    accepted first will be subject to screening.

    · When an individual enters his/her two works or more in the same category as a team(corporation), only the work first accepted will be
    subject to screening(All the other works will be excluded from screening).

    · A participant providing wrong personal information intentionally to hide duplicate submissions may suffer disadvantages such as cancellation of

    Standards for Screening

    Creativity : Creative interpretation and originality of idea of Hangeul

    Adequacy : Directionality and meaning of article complying with the theme and the purpose of the invitation

    Far-reaching power : Promotional effects and propagation power of the excellence of Hangeul

    Commercial value : Properness of production and sales, marketatbility after commercialization

  • Specifics of Awards

    Awarding a total of 11 works (total prize of 54 million KRW)

    Category Prize Prize and a decoration Number of
    winning entries
    Prize money Remarks


    Grand Prize

    Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister Award

    1 work

    KRW 15 million

    Follow-up support for commercialization such as legal consultation, fabrication of prototype, and application for registration of intellectual property rights



    National Hangeul Museum Director Award

    1 work

    KRW 8 million


    Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea President Award

    3 works

    KRW 5 million each



    National Hangeul Museum Director Award

    1 work

    KRW 6 million


    Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea President Award

    5 works

    KRW 2 million each


    11 works Total of KRW 54 million

    * Duplicate winning among the awards (total of 11 works) is not allowed

    * When one participant is capable of winning two or more awards in two categories, the award will be determined in accordance with the priority
    (Standards: 1. Prize and a decoration, and 2. Prize money)

    * No award winner may be determined, or the number of award winners may vary depending on the level and competition rate of works.

    * Award winners shall be responsible for public charges and taxes, if any, related to the prize.

    * The prize will be paid to foreign award winners after completing the standard accounting of Korea(applying the foreign exchange rate as of the announcement date of awards).

    * The legal relations related to the contest are governed by the law of the Republic of Korea.

Follow-up support for award-winning works

- Award winners are provided with an opportunity to participate in follow-up programs such as promotion activities and commercialization operated by
the hosting/supervising institute.

Important Information

Participating in the contest

- Candidate works should be planned and proposed within the scope and with the identity of Hangeul kept intact and free from any intentional alteration.

- Correction or change is allowed after submission, but not after the due date.

- Every submission work participating in the invitation should be work planned by pure creating activities. For the following works, the award may be canceled, and the prize may be recovered:

· Those announced to the general public through contest exhibit or publication

· Those that have been sold in Korea and abroad

· Those that won awards from other contest exhibits and similar support projects in Kroea and abroad

· Those found to have infringed intellectual property rights such as stealing or piracy of ideas of others

Possession of copyright

- The copyright of the participating work will be owned by the participant pursuant to the Copyright Act.

- In case of multiple copyright owners because the creator is a corporation or due to joint creation, the owner representing the relationship with the copyright should be clearly indicated, and a notarized document for the same should be submitted.

- Participants shall soley be responsible for any dispute arising from the copyright of participating works.

- The hosting/supervising institute may transfer or get a permit to use such intellectual property rights preferentially, if required, based on reasonable compensation for award-winning works. In such case, the permit, scope, and compensation with regard to such transfer will be determined through separate consultation with the award winner (copyright owner).

Prize money receiving

- The award winner will receive the award only after submitting all of the documents required by the Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea. Should the award winner fail to submit any of the documents no later than one month after receiving a request for document submission, the award winner will not receive the prize.

- In case of multiple copyright owners, the entire prize will be paid to their representative. If it is impossible to pay the prize to the representative, however, the prize will be paid to all of the joint creators indicated on the document submitted when participating in the invitation at an equal rate.

Utilization of awarded works

- The finished product (actual article) submitted by the award winner will not be returned to the award winner but will be owned by the hosting institute for use in exhibitions and PR activities.

- The award winner should positively cooperate with the host institute by informing the support when marketing fabricated goods through follow-up support.

- Some of the award-winning works will be exhibited on the 1st World Korean Contest in 2020(to be held at the end of Oct. 2020)

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