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    Can I participate in the contest?

    - The contest is open to everyone irrespective of nationality or age.

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    To whom do copyrights on the award-winning works belong?

    - Copyrights belong to the original authors who submitted the award-winning works to the contest. However, if there are multiple copyright-holders on a given work, such as a team of collaborators or artists working for a company, the copyright-holders must clearly indicate their respective rights and responsibilities.

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    What are the categories of competition?

    - There are two categories of competition: Finished products, Ideas.

    - Entering works in packages is allowed, in which case package goods are considered a single entry

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    Is it possible to compete in more than one category with a single entry?

    - Number of works for entry: One in each category

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    Can teams or groups enter the contest?

    - Yes, and there is no maximum number of persons allowed for each team. All team members, however, must fill out the required documents, including pledges, letter of consent individually. If the space provided on the application form is not big enough for the names of all authors of a team, a separate list of the authors involved needs to be submitted.

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    How can I check if my application is accepted?

    - We will send e-mail verifying acceptance of the application for the public invitation in two business days (except holidays and legal holidays).

    * Notice: Access to the homepage may be congested on the due date of acceptance day by a large number of accessors. Please submit the documents early.

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    Can I correct the application work?

    - Yes, you can correct your work. Please note that you are required of sending e-mail for correction with a title including "(Correction)" via the e-mail address you used for submitting application.

    - Correction should also be submitted no later than the due date.

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    Can I submit an entery offline?

    - Submit the file via e-mail address (hangeul@cfnmk.or.kr)

    - Documents submitted in person or by post will not be accepted.

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    How are the entries evaluated?

    - A panel of expert judges is formed for each contest category.

    · Finished product category: Document assessment(primary) → Actual article assessment(secondary)

    · Idea category: Document assessment (primary) → Video assessment (secondary)

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    How do I find out which entries gave won awards?

    - The results of the contest will be announced on our official website, and the award winners will be contacted individually.

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    I have other questions. Who can I contact?

    - E-mail your questions to hangeul@cfnmk.or.kr. For urgent questions, call the secretariat at +82-2-2077-2959, between 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, KST.

    (*Questions will be answered in Korean and English only.)

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    Can works under patent application have already been granted be submitted to the contest?

    - Products that are under patent application or that are patented (including design registration) are not eligible for entry, and all submissions must be works designed by pure creative activities.


      Every submission work participating in the invitation should be work planned by pure creating activities. For the following works, the award may be canceled, and the prize may be recovered:

      · Those announced to the general public through contest exhibit or publication

      · Those that have been sold in Korea and abroad

      · Those that won awards from other contest exhibits and similar support projects in Korea and abroad

      - Those found to have infringed intellectual property rights such as stealing or piracy of ideas of others

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    Can I use my native language asking questions via e-mail or telephone?

    - Enquired documents and materials may be submitted in your native language (English is recommended for foreigners). Only Korean or English questions will be answered, whether by e-mail or on the telephone.

  14. Q

    The format of the goods plan contains a check column, "Submission of Additional Data." What is the column for?

    - You may be required to submit synopsis separately if you make an application with publications that are hard express in images. In such a case, you should check the column.

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